Önemli duyuru: 01.12.2016 tarihinde yap覺lacak olan deneye Grup A saat 9:20'de, Grup B ise saat 10:20'de balayacakt覺r. Deneye gelmeden önce lab gruplar覺n覺z覺 kontrol ediniz.

Welcome to ME412 - Mechanical Engineering Laboratory course official web site.

Lecture hours and location

Monday 11:20-12:10, L112

Thursday 09:20-13:10, ME Labs.

Lecturer contact info.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ender Y覺ld覺r覺m

Office: L-A19

Phone: +903122331304

e-mail: endery@cankaya.edu.tr

Check web page of the lecturer for his schedule and office hours.